Brand: Apple
Product Code: 6/6+

Price: 50.00€

Additional information:


This service will unlock the following UK VODAFONE iPhones:  6 6Plus.

This service supports phones in contract/lost/stolen/blacklisted. Please make sure these PHONES are from UK Vodafone.

If you are not sure what network is it locked on use the IPHONE NETWORK CHECK SERVICE.


This will unlock phones that are blacklisted, active on a line or even in contract. 

Processing time:

Service speed is 1-7 business Days.


•This is the official factory unlock and doesn't involve any jailbreaking, hacking etc.

•You can upgrade the phone any time and not losing your unlock status in the future.

•If you have jailbreaked your phone prior to this purchase, you will need to restore the phone once the unlocking process completed.

•If phones are blacklisted/lost/stolen, once unlocked it will work outside of BLACKLISTED COUNTRY. Please also make sure phone is NOT ICLOUD LOCKED (this will not unlock the phone SIM network NOT remove someone's ICLOUD).


  • Please provide us the correct IMEI during checkout, which you will get from the phone directly. You can get it from Setting > General > About, or dial *#06# from the phone   
  • Please do not get the IMEI from the box or from the SIM tray as some of the IMEI are different.
  • Once the process completed, insert a non ORIGINAL NETWORK SIM Card, connect the phone to itunes for the activation process. You must know your Apple ID it might ask that for the activation process

Terms & Conditions

  • Once IMEI processed we can't cancel any order.
  • Even if service delay we can't refund any order till supplier not aprove full refund.
  • Please do not buy if you do not agree any of the above.
  • We are confident that the unlocking is done when we email confirmation. We will require a video and photo proof to send to us, by showing the IMEI and process if you claimed that it is not done.

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